Company History

UTS has undergone tremendous growth since our founding in 1970. What started as a small testing shop which mostly outsourced its complex testing projects has grown into a firm that today employs over 80 licensed, highly skilled technicians and engineers, completely equipped with the finest and most modern laboratory and field testing equipment available.

SchematicsThe dramatic growth of our company over 45 years has come about as a result of the high-quality testing services we provide, and our relentless commitment to "getting it right." Our technicians, who are not only extremely qualified but also conscientious about their work, perform a wide range of laboratory and field testing, and monitoring services.

For more than four decades we had been actively engaged in quality control work for the construction industry, including more than 10,000 projects throughout New England and nationwide. Our clients have come to depend on UTS of Massachusetts for quick response and creative solutions to problems that may arise during virtually any phase of construction process.

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